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Repairing a Shingle Roof: The When, the Why, & the How

The roof is one of the most functional components of your house. They protect it from water, cold, heat, and other external conditions. While roof shingles are a blessing, they are expendable materials that need regular and proper maintenance to function properly and last longer. Ultimately, there are times when you need to replace them fully.

As a house owner, you need to know everything about shingle roof repair and maintenance. From signs that signal it’s time for maintenance or repair to the importance of high-quality service and the costs of an entire roof replacement. 

When Should You Repair Roof Shingles?

Like any other material, shingles also have an expiration date. It’s important to know when you need to repair roof shingles, so look for some or all of the following signs:

  • Leaking Roof: This is one of the most obvious signs that signalize it’s time for roof shingles repair. However, a leaking roof doesn’t only mean actual water draining from the roof but also the appearance of yellow or gray stains, molds, or peeling paint. 
  • Droopy Roof: This is one of the alarming signs that your roof needs immediate replacement. Droopy or sagging roofs have trapped water inside that can cause even more costly damage to your house. When moisture overwhelms the roof, it may break, and you’ll face a literal situation of the roof falling on your head. Therefore, check for sagging spots, trapped moisture, or rotting boards. You can even take a look from a distant angle to see if the roof is flat or looped. 
  • Mold and Fungi: If you notice your roof has mossy spots with mold and fungi, then it’s definitely because of trapped moisture that will rot the shingles if not maintained immediately.

These are just a few of the obvious signs when a roof needs repair. However, unless you work with roof repairs, you ought to call an expert to inspect your roof regularly. Often there are other specific signs that give out the roof deficits and need for a replacement that a person cannot spot right away.

Shingle Roof Repair: Why It’s Important

Shingles in bad condition affect the overall house. Roofs with structural defects cannot be considered functional. A missing shingle is all it takes for water and moisture to enter the roof and start rotting the board. As a result, the walls may start cracking or appear bubbly, and leaks may appear when it rains. Therefore, repairing a shingle roof is imperative and should be done as soon as the homeowner notices the first signs.

Putting off a shingle roof repair can only worsen the situation. Storing moisture in your walls is a breeding ground for fungi, mold, or even bacteria. Allowing them to grow in your house may expose all household members to various health issues and allergies.

On the other hand, the shingle roof repair delay can even cause constructional damage. The wooden support may become unstable due to rotting and moisture, and in the worst-case scenario, it may collapse.

How to Repair Roof Shingles: Must-Knows

How to repair roof shingles on your own?” is one of the most commonly asked questions. Although it may seem impossible, repairing a shingle roof on your own is possible. If you are handy with tools, you can fix your roof by following the steps below, but it is always recommended to hire a professional for the job. 

Get the Necessary Equipment

Getting the safety equipment is the first and most important step. You need glasses, gloves, and gripping boots – suitable for walking on shingle roofs. Use a high-quality ladder to climb up to the roof securely.

Roof repairs are not a one-man job. You should never climb and do roof shingles repair alone. Always have someone with you to help you and ensure you avoid dangerous situations.

Assess the Damage

Inspect the area and assess the damages. Check to see how many shingles need replacing. Replace any curled or cracked shingles immediately. However, if you spot many dry, brittle, and curled shingles, it’s pointless to repair only the damaging spots. You must repair the entire roof.

A pro tip: Repair and replace the shingle roof during colder months or in cool weather. Asphalt heats up in hot weather, and removing and replacing it is much more difficult. Check the weather forecast for rain because you wouldn’t want to do repairs or replacements on rainy days. 


Mark and Fix the Rotten Areas

After you assess and identify the rotten roof areas, you need to mark and replace the rotten shingles. The whole shingle roof replacement is quite demanding and requires experience to set up the shingles effectively. This is why we don’t suggest turning it into a DIY project.

If you find small areas with rotten shingles, you need to use a crowbar, pry bar, or a hammer claw to get under the shingles. Separate the adhesive and reveal the nails of the shingles underneath. How much do you need to replace? All you have to do is remove at least 5 tabs in the second row over the damaged shingle. Ensure you pull off enough shingles around the damaged part to make sure you get rid of everything.

Replace the Old Shingles with New

You’ll need new materials to replace the old shingles with new ones. Find shingles that are an exact match to the old ones. Carefully install the new shingle and nail them, ensuring that they are securely placed. Don’t forget to check for the adhesive strip because some are unbacked shingles that will require purchasing additional adhesive. The final step is to use roofing nails to secure the shingles firmly.

Reseal the Old Shingles

To reseal new shingles effectively, you need to apply an inch-diameter spot of the shingle cement under the tabs. Make sure you press down hard on each shingle and secure them in place. Continue applying shingle cement and pressing down on each shingle until you smooth out the surface. 

Once you finish the damaged area, you can proceed to inspect the other parts of the roof and see if other shingles are secured by lifting them. If the shingle is not sealed to the roof, make sure you reseal all of them to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

Call a Shingle Roof Repair Service

To ensure your shingles are sealed and repaired correctly, call an expert to make the evaluation and get a professional opinion. Homeowners who repair shingles often skip important signs due to a lack of experience and expose themselves to further costs.

However, finding a reputable roof replacement service can be hard. Here at AA Brite, you will find a professional, experienced, and skilled team that will renew and help you maintain your roof. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them.

Shingle Repair Cost

The shingle repair cost varies from provider to provider but also depends on the damage that needs fixing. Here are some average prices for roof repair:


  • Minor repairs: The costs for covering small leaks, replacing small shingles, repairing holes and cracked shingles, resealing, and releasing pooled water are between $150 and $400.
  • Major repairs: The costs for roof sagging or dropping, electrical issues, huge water issues, and chimney repairs are between $1,500 and $7,000.
  • A total roof replacement costs around $8,000.

Note that homeowners should perform a major shingle roof repair or a total roof replacement after 25-30 years. Whether you are looking for small repairs or thinking about an overall roof replacement, it’s wise to call a professional service company and get an exact estimate for your roof. 

Closing Thoughts on Roof Shingle Repair

Shingle roofs are quite popular roofing choices in the US because of their functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, just like any other material, shingles are expendables and require routine roof shingle repair to last longer. 

Any person can repair shingle roof on their own, in terms of sealing and replacing old shingles. There are signs like a mossy shingle, droopy roof, or missing shingle, suggesting the roof needs a minor repair. However, after 30 years, every homeowner needs to consider major shingle repair or a total roof replacement.

AA Brite is a specialized roofing company that can conduct a professional service for your roof regardless of whether you need major or minor repairs for an affordable price. Therefore, feel free to contact them


What happens when roof shingles are damaged?

Damaged roof shingles lead to roof leaks, mossy roofs, fungi, or bacteria entering your home, ultimately leading to a roof collapse.

Can you repair a section of roof shingles?

Yes. You don’t need to make a total roof replacement for a minor shingle roof issue. Reach out to an expert for a professional opinion because homeowners often omit important signs that point to the need for repair.

What is the average life expectancy of a shingle roof?

The average life expectancy of a shingle roof is 25-30 years.

Can you replace a small section of shingles?

Yes. Replacing a small section of shingles is a common roof repair service that an expert or a homeowner can perform.


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