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As the owner of AA Brite 24/7 I’m always interested in talking to quality skilled painters in the Tucson area who want to earn top wages. But there is a catch, the hiring requirements are fairly steep – so much so that most people who have worked as painters can’t pass them.

If you can say “YES” to all of the following questions and know the answers to most of the questions below, I’d like to hear from you.

If you can’t answer yes to ALL of the questions you are still welcome to fill out the online application form. I won’t be hiring you, but I do regularly pass along this information to other contractors in Tucson who are friends of mine and have less stringet hiring requirements.

8 Absolutely Positively Must Pass Questions for AA Brite 24/7 Employment

1) Can Pass Drug Test. Now and future random ones?

2) Can Pass Criminal Background Check (including no DUI’s)?

3) Can Pass Criminal Background Check from when you were a minor. (Sounds crazy, but places we paint like DEA open juvenile records and even a ticket for smoking pot as a kid prevents you from entering the property as an adult. I didn’t make this rule – the DEA did – and we paint for them under their rules)

3) Have your own personal cell phone, not borrowed?

4) Have your own truck or car, not borrowed?

5) Can prove the truck or car is yours with a current registration?

6) Have current insurance on the car or truck?

7) Are willing to be polygraphed (lie detector)?

8) AND you know how to paint?

Why are the requirements so steep for AA Brite 24/7 Employment? Answer: We’re a small company and hire less than one person a year. Historically I’ve gotten over 300 calls a year for people looking for work. If you owned a company that hired one person a year at most, and 300 people wanted the job, wouldn’t you hire the best person you could?

Wether you meet my hiring requirements or not, go ahead and honestly fill out the application below, someone I know might be looking to hire you.


Sample Questions From A Painting Interview

What type and size of pump do you prefer to use? Gas or electric? Why? Highboy or lowboy?

What tip size to you prefer to use on stucco exteriors? Reversible?

If your pump is not priming and its time to spray, what do you do?

If the tip keeps clogging as you are spraying what do you do?

If you are getting little stripes around the edges as you spray, what do you do to stop this?

You just spilled a 5 gallon bucket of paint on an asphalt driveway and its 115 degrees outside, what do you do?

Client has a painted iron pool fence. What type of paint do you use on it?

Do you prefer a brush, weenie roller or spray rig for painting iron fence?

When do you use oil base paint?

Where do you set up at a job for cleanouts?

When do you strain paint? Why?

Do you use a filter in your spray gun? Why?

How do you relieve pressure on a spray rig without injuring the ball?

Do you have a preference for types of brushes? Manufactures?

Do you use silicon caulk? Why?

How thick do you put caulk on a big exterior crack?

Which paint is your favorite? Why?

Do you like Behr paint? Why or Why Not??

How do you know if an extension ladder is at the correct angle?

What do you do if somebody gets injected with paint from the spray rig?

How do you stop a leak on a spray hose?

What is your favorite type of roller?

Favorite length of roller poll?

Do you cut in interior walls before or after you roll them? Why?

Do you mask off interior windows, or cut them in?

How do you cover interior carpet before painting?

Do you know OSHA rules regarding ladders? For example?


Still Interested

I am not looking for a perfect score, but questions like these quickly separate people who put paint on stuff from those who are in fact seasoned experienced painters. As you read the questions above it should quickly be apparent how much you know about painting with regards to the type of work we do.

If you know most of the answers and can answer yes to the first eight questions in the Absolutely Must Pass section then please call me after filling out the online application below. You are definitely in the 1 in a 100 category.

As mentioned, if your not able to pass both parts its not personal and I do wish you well, I just can’t hire you since I can’t get you into our restricted government jobs. Being small we need everybody at these types of jobs

If the requirements make you mad, Its not personal. Its not personal. Its not personal. Its not personal.

AA Brite is a relatively small Tucson area painting company.  We have held steady to our high standards in hiring only the best painters.  Our employee compensation is such that we can afford to be picky.  Our employees are long-term employees committed to setting and maintaining our high quality workmanship that our customers  have grown to appreciate.

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