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A Note from the Owner About Limitations Regarding Parapet Repair

Legalities in AZ with Various License Limitations Regarding Parapet Repair

I’m not a lawyer and the following are my interpretations and opinions based on two in person conversations with the AZ Registrar of Contractors (ROC) in house attorney Joseph Citelli and Director Jeff Fleetham on 2/9/2018 and 2/4/2020, several response letters 7/23/2018 & 4/18/2018 to scope of license questions from me to the ROC, and also publicly available information on the AZ ROC website regarding scopes of various licenses.

(An image of the 4/18/2018 letter which is most relevant here is at the bottom of this page.)

That said, in Arizona the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) determines what types of contracting licenses exist and the scope or limitations of each license type.  This is a big deal regarding who can legally work on homes with parapets.  The reason it’s a big deal is parapet repairs either need to be done by a General or Remodeling contractor, or alternately three different specialty licenses are usually needed.  The three specialty licenses are Stucco, Roofing and Painting.

In a nutshell Painters can apply paint, caulk and do incidental stucco spot patching.  They can’t patch or coat elastomeric roofs, do significant amounts stucco patching or use polyester fabric for parapet or stucco work.

Roofers obviously work on roofs. 

However according to the AZ ROC,  ROOFERS CAN NOT:

Apply elastomeric to the tops of parapets.

Apply polyester fabric to the tops of parapets walls.

Apply caulk to tops of parapet walls.

Remove or replace stucco.

Remove rotted / rusted galvanized mesh.

Patch over existing stucco with more stucco.

Paint parapet walls.

The above listed items are things a Roofer CAN NOT do.

Its my opinion the reason parapets are basically off limits to Roofers is legally (in Arizona) parapets are a wall and not a part of the roof system.  So a lawyer or builder would think of a parapet as a wall, while a physicist or home owner would think of a parapet top (and possibly inside parapet wall) as a part of the roof system since it’s a critical part of keeping water out of the house.

My letter didn’t ask them about stucco contractors, but its easy to follow ROC logic on what they would and would not be allowed to do.  Its my opinion they would do stucco work, but not be allowed to work on roofs or paint. I don’t know if they would be allowed to use polyester fabric on parapet tops, but logic here would dictate they could not paint the stucco once applied, with or without fabric.

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Questions & Answers About Parapet Repair in Tucson

Why is the parapet important?

Parapet walls aid in hiding away any machinery or equipment on the rooftop and provide protection against wind damage, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. It also protects the roof from collapsing. 

Can you remove a parapet wall?

Parapet removal involves modification to both the wall and roof. Where the roof slope is parallel to the parapet or at right angles to the apex of the roof, the reconstruction detail after removing the parapet can be relatively simple by incorporating a cavity behind the cladding and flashing the top of the parapet.

How often should your parapet be inspected for repairs?

At least once a year, before the monsoons hit. If excess water builds up it could further damage any cracks that have already formed and risk structural integrity for the entire roof. 

More Questions About Roof Coating?

Our Stucco Parapet Repair Process

Over the years, we’ve repaired and cool-coated thousands of Tucson homes and commercial buildings. Here are the steps we take to ensure your roof parapets will last for years to come!


We inspect the parapet and determine how many feet of stucco are going to be removed and replaced.  The price is based on how long a job is expected to take and how much material is going to be required.

Remove old stucco

We remove the loose stucco on the parapet with a hammer so a proper foundation can be laid out. 


Using metal mesh we lay a foundation for the stucco to be applied to. 

Stucco application

We apply the first layer, roughly shaping it with a rubber sponge flat, and allow it to dry and shrink before applying the second layer. Once the second layer has also dried we apply the third coat using a wet sponge float.


Using screens to separate out specific sizes of sand, we add them to the stucco in order to match the existing texture the best we can. Then the stucco is wet down to slow the drying process and avoid cracks.  The water also lowers the PH if a masonry patching compound is used while synthetic compounds don’t need to have the PH lowered.


Finally, we use rubber elastomeric paint on the top of the parapet.

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