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How to Find a Good Roofer for Your House: Top Tips

How to Find a Good Roofer for Your House: Top Tips

As a homeowner, you are probably well familiar with the roofing requirement of your home. From the type of materials that last the longest to the most cost-efficient methods to repair a loose shingle, there are many aspects to keeping your roof in working condition.

On average, residential roofs are due for replacement after 30 years of use, which sounds like music to the ears of homeowners. Why? Simply because roof replacement is a costly home improvement process.

This is why finding a good roof repair service is crucial. But the question of how to find a good roofer that will get the job done in time and as it should doesn’t have a simple answer. Since there are many self-proclaimed contractors out there, homeowners, especially new ones, are likely to fall for the low prices and fast service.

But don’t worry; we have you covered! To learn more about how to find a good roofing contractor, continue reading this article.

Look Around You

The best advice professional contractors will give for superb home improvements is to look for a local business to get the job done. Hiring a local contractor means they are familiar with the local construction rules and guidelines and will follow them to the T.

Make sure the company you choose operates from a physical store you can visit. If a contractor says they only communicate online, then it’s better to turn your business elsewhere.

This matters because if in the period after your roof has been installed, say in the next 5 or 10 years, you have an issue of any kind, you can easily find the contractor and resolve the problem. In such a scenario, if the contractor is out of your native state or city, it might not be easy for them to come to you and fix the problem.

Other important aspects of staying local include the following:

  • Local contractors have stronger relationships with local supply outlets;
  • There’s less chance of a scam, as local roofers tend to maintain good standing within the community;
  • They are more knowledgeable of the local building regulations and necessary permits;
  • You have more options for in-person meetings and instant touchups if needed.

Do Research and Ask for Referrals

One of the most efficient tried-and-tested tips for choosing the best roofing services is referrals.

Referrals are a bulletproof approach to finding the services you need. Asking your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and any other reliable sources for their experience with a roofer can save you a lot of time and effort.

If you’re certain some of your friends have recently had their roofs replaced or repaired, ask them if they’re satisfied with the service. If yes, ask for contact details and have a meeting with the roofer yourself.

Another way is to ask people online about their experience with a roofing service. If you have some spare time, the Internet is abundant in all sorts of Q&As on many topics. By looking online for referrals, you will get a better insight into the matter from individuals in the same situation as you. Some good places where you can start include:

  • Facebook pages/community social media;
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau);
  • Specialized contractor review sites (Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, etc.).

Make Sure the Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

If you’re wondering how to find a reliable roofer, then you need to know there is one thing that will prove they are the people for the job – licenses! It’s highly important for the contractor to be licensed to do business and has its company and employees insured in case of an accident.

You might wonder what a contractor’s insurance has to do with how good they are at their job. When a contractor has covered their employees and company with insurance, if they suffer an accident while repairing or installing a roof, the costs will be taken care of by the insurance company.

But, when they aren’t insured, any mishap the workers endure on your property will be on you.
In other words, uninsured contractors or subcontractors that suffer an injury while working on your property can easily lead to a lawsuit against you.

In every state in the U.S., contractors must have a license to operate, so ask for proof before you hire. You can also ask for the following insurance types:

  • General Liability;
  • Workers’ Compensation.

Ask For Proposals in Writing

Before you hire a contractor to repair or replace your roof, make sure you ask them to put down their roofing proposal on paper. If the contractor starts explaining why you should take their word for it, tap out immediately.

A contractor that won’t deliver a written proposal for their services explaining how much everything will cost and when the services will wrap up is a contractor you should not trust. It’s basically as simple as that – no written proposals, no deal!

It’s always best to look for contractors that can offer quotes or bids. The difference between the two is that quotes are the contractor’s estimate of the costs, whereas bids contain the fixed cost for the service.

Educate Yourself

Although any reliable roofer will know how to detect a roofing issue and how to approach it best, knowing a bit about roofs won’t hurt. In fact, a homeowner should be able to answer a roofer’s question regarding housing issues like plumbing, heating, and foundation.

After all, a faulty roof can easily cause damage to the structural system in your house, so knowing what’s what is always a good idea. Moreover, if you know your roof and what’s wrong with it, you’ll be able to recognize any foul play by unreliable contractors.

If they charge you a lot for a simple repair or try to play you by throwing numbers and labels at you, you can easily spot the scam and cut ties immediately if you have basic knowledge of the matter.

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Key Takeaway: How to Find a Reliable Roofer

From staying local to educating yourself on the roofing basics, there are a few tips for choosing the best roofing services for your home. Before hiring a contractor, do some research and review some client testimonials.

Also, a positive word-by-mouth can save you time and effort in sourcing the right roofer, so be sure to check with your neighbors and colleagues and pick their brains about roofing services they are happy with.

Lastly, a reliable roofer is one that owns a license, is insured, and guarantees their workmanship and roofing materials. Moreover, a trustworthy roofer should be knowledgeable to answer all of your roof-related inquiries and perform any touchups if needed.


Homeowners have a lot of questions when it comes to major home repairs like roofing, and it’s only natural. We’ll go through some of the most frequently asked questions regarding roofing issues.

What are the most common roofing problems?

The number one roof issue homeowners are concerned with is roof leaks. Other than rendering your roof dysfunctional, roof leaks can also lead to structural damage in your home. Besides leaks, broken or misplaced shingles, clogged gutters, and freezing are some of the other common roofing issues homeowners are concerned with.

How do you know if a roofer is reliable?

You can tell whether a roofer is reliable or not by looking into their work. Ask for referrals or find them yourself online.

Also, a licensed roofer is always a reliable roofer since it means they own a license that attests to their professional capabilities. Make sure you ask about their insurance coverage – you don’t want to find yourself facing a lawsuit because a worker injured themselves on your property.

How long do most roofers guarantee their work?

Roofers will vouch for their workmanship anywhere from 2 and half years to 10 years, depending on the contractor themselves. Regarding the roofing materials, the manufacturer of those will usually guarantee their efficacy for 25-30 years. Some roofing materials come with a lifetime warranty, such as asphalt shingles.

How do I know my roof needs replacement?

In general, roofs aren’t meant to be replaced often. What’s more, a roof is only due for replacement if it nears the end of its lifespan. In other words, if you laid down your roof 20 years ago, give it five more before replacing it. Alternatively, you might need simple roof repair rather than roof replacement.


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