Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Hire the professionals at AA Brite 24/7 for your commercial painting!

We’ve painted several commercial buildings in Tucson over the years and we want to paint yours too. Call us, at 520-406-5900 and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate. Being smaller allows us to focus on quality interior and exterior painting. We can adapt and quickly make adjustments to your changing requirements as a job progresses.

Why hire us for commercial work? – 7 Reasons



1) Small Company with Great Painters

If you noticed “small company” mentioned several times, there was a reason for it. As the owner I don’t hire a painter unless I am willing to have them to work unsupervised at and in my own home. The employment page has more information. In a nutshell “Small = Large amount of control over quality”.

2) Painting Available at Odd Hours And Weekends

The majority of commercial jobs we’ve completed over the years have had some sort of odd hours working requirement. Its common for us to start working at 5:00pm after a commercial building closes for the night. Other jobs have started at midnight (a small store in the foothills mall) and require us to be out by 8:00am. And yet others have to be completed over the weekend. Rest assured – we can work the hours which best suit your needs.

3) Presentable Painters

We can be seen by your clients without you being ashamed of of how we’re dressed and groomed. No crackheads, meth users, long greasy hair and no foul language. Just presentable, quality painters.

There is one other important factor about my painters at AA Brite 24/7. I personally know each one and have worked with each for quite a while. Each painter presents himself or herself very well and I am proud to have each represent AA Brite. This is very important being the small, tightly knit painting company.

4) Theft Free

We have NEVER had a theft at a clients home or business. Three reasons: 1) Tight hiring requirements. 2) Workers are treated fairly with incentives. 3) As the owner I act and speak like a responsible adult without swearing or screaming and the same is expected of everyone else.

“Theft Free” is a byproduct of the above three reasons.

5) Close Knit Communication

We have a tight handle on quality control. You will personally know the crew leader on your job and have their cell phone number. The type of comment I hear most often from a client after a commercial job is complete is “How the Crew Leaders availability in person and by cell phone allowed the job to progress more smoothly than other big projects at our site”. Every commercial job we’ve worked on has required some sort of adjustment (weather, customers parking near where we are spraying, what time its best for us to work in some specific location, etc…) Clear two way communication takes a big problem and reduces it to a small speed bump.

6) Incentive Pay For A Happy Client

The crew leader gets incentive pay when clients are happy. More money for the crew leader means they are highly motivated to please you. When I was a Mechanical Engineer I wished it had worked like this for me. Instead my paycheck was there if I was doing great or only so so. In my opinion incentive pay is the single largest component to effective quality control in the construction field – and if we are at your job incentive pay will be working to your advantage.


7) References Available

I will gladly provide you with references from other commercial jobs we’ve completed over the years. We leave our clients happy and you can talk to them to see for yourself.


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