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Hire the professionals at AA Brite 24/7 for your residential or commercial reflective coatings applications on your flat roof. We specialize in using reflective coating also known as solar reflective – Elastomeric roof coating, white roof paint and insulating roof paint.

We will clean, prep, patch and apply the best coating available – Tucson Rubberized 7000  – for you. Please review this section. It will help educate you in maintaining your flat roof. I have put a great deal of effort into making it informative and hope you enjoy it. After you are finished reviewing, call me, Robert the owner at 520-406-5900 and I will be happy to provide you with a written estimate.

Don’t get your roof torn off and replaced until you read this!

Frequently people are told they need to get their existing flat (also called a built up) roof torn off and replaced. The story the home owner is told usually sounds like this “this roof is in such bad shape it has to be replaced”. My name is Robert Anderson and I’m a Licensed Remodeling Contractor in Tucson. I have a Masters Degree in Industrial Technology from Illinois State University and had worked for over 13 years as a mechanical engineer before getting back into contracting. I’m providing my credentials so the rest of what I say makes sense.

Some roofs do indeed need to be torn off and replaced, but the vast majority need only expert patching and recoating. Its much easier for a contractor to tear off something and start over because he has more control over the quality (and also make a lot more money) than to fix what’s there. So obviously a tear off is going to be an easy answer for them. The problem for you is tear offs cost a lot more money than patching and recoating.

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to come out and look at your roof and provide a quote for repairing and re-coating it. If by chance it does need to be replaced I’ll tell you, but we don’t do replacements and I don’t have anyone I recommend. This way there is no motivation for me to push you to the more expensive option. Our work is also warrantied for a minimum of two years.

Let the professionals do the work for you

We’ve repaired and cool coated many homes and commercial buildings over the years and the following is a list of what we do and how we do it.

1. Sweep up and remove debris.

You might be surprised and how much stuff accumulates on a roof over time. Prior to pressure washing this debris needs to be removed. If tree branches are touching the roof they will also get trimmed back.

2. Pressure wash at 3,500 to 4,000 psi.

In order to provide the highest quality job possible, the roof is aggressively pressure washed. The cleaner the roof is the better the new material will stick to it. Please note if your roof is currently leaking it will continue to leak some while the pressure washing occurs. Pressure washing a flat cool coated elastomeric roof occurs prior to applying cool coating.

3. Etch with TSP type cleaner.

TSP type cleaner is similar to lye soap. Its more aggressive than what a consumer would use, but is great for preparing surfaces which are going to be re-coated. There is no need to be worried about the TSP affecting plants or animals. Its basically a strong soap, AND we neutralize it with baking soda prior to rinsing. (see the next step)

4. Neutralize and rinse.

After the TSP type cleaner has done its job and cleaned out the pores of the old material it is neutralized and rinsed.

5. Scrape loose and flaking material.

It is common to have areas of the roof which are flaking off. The loose material gets scraped off prior to patching.

6. Screw in loose screws, pound in floating nails.

Over time nails and screws used to install a roof will work out. We pound these down or screw them in prior to putting a patch over them.

7. Apply anti-ponding material to scuppers.

Scuppers (generically known as roof drains) will frequently hold some water. When the water doesn’t drain off as it’s supposed to this is called “ponding”, which is bad. We will apply small amounts of anti-ponding material to the scupper areas as required to help with the drainage. There is much more to this topic. If you are told you have ponding issues, please read the following. Ponding water near the scupper of a flat elastomeric cool coated roof.

8. Put plastic or paper over skylights.

Plastic and paper are used to cover skylights as well as anything else that’s not supposed to get the cool coating applied to it.

9. Prime as required.

Some wood air conditioner stands on the roof will need to be primed before it can be coated. On combination tile / flat roofs, some of the fascial will also need to be primed. We’ll take care of this for you.

10. Spot emulsify as required.

Today’s cool coatings are water based. Many roofs were made or patched with oil or tar based products. Oil and water based products are generally incompatible unless an emulsifier is used between them. The emulsifier causes the oil to chemically change into a more inert substance. The water based material can then stick to it as it’s supposed to. Though I’m not partial to Henry products, the 107 emulsion works great and we use it frequently. Take a look at the photos of what happens when emulsifier is not used where required.

11. Prep Penetrations.

Cut excess material off of penetrations as required. Prepare them for fiber tape of polyester.

12. Place sealer over holes.

For holes up to a couple of square inches we use fiber mesh. For patches up to several square feet we we use a specialized fabric which soaks up the fresh roof coating and bonds directly to the roof.

13. Position mesh over tears and fasten.

Fiber tape, also called mesh, is great stuff. It’s comparable to the nylon gridding in a light weight running jacket. If it’s snagged or a tear tries to start, the mesh resists the tear. This is our standard material for much of the patch work. Shown below the yellow mesh is being used for an emergency patch during the monsoon season in Tucson. This client had severe leaking through numerous cracks around the ductwork and another large rain storm was an hour away. This had to be emulsified after the storm.

14. Roll on Tucson Rubberized 7000 Roof Coating.

Tucson Rubberized 7000 is expensive, even for contractors. It hurts to pay for it but when its raining and blowing and the roof is not leaking its worth the money. One particular box store brand is at the opposite end of the quality spectrum. Its half the price and works 1/5 as well. Since my Masters Degree specialty was plastics, I’ve dug deeper into the how’s and whys of roof coating materials. Moreover- DON’T SKIMP ON THE COATING QUALITY.

14a. Spray Tucson Rubberized 7000.

Ninety five percent of the roofs we coat are done with a roller. If the roof is unusually large or has lots of stuff such as wires, ducts, pipes then we can spray on the material. Spraying has some advantages and rolling has some advantages. Occasionally a client insists we only roll, or only spray. Either one is fine if you give us a heads up.

15. Remove plastic / paper on skylights and lenses.

16. Clean Up.

17. All Materials and Labor included in the price.

Once the bid is provided, the bid does not change. When you hire AA Brite 24/7 to work for you the check can be written and put in your desk. When the job is complete the price on the check has not changed! Owners note: I dislike it when I’m quoted a price for a service and then the price starts dancing upwards. I do not like this happening to me and I will not allow this to happen to my clients.

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