Split Seams

Split Seams

This roof is way past due for another coating.

The seams failed first because there was more movement there and it broke down the coating faster.

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Roof is in great shape, but here is a split.

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Close up of the above image.

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Notice the cracks are in straight lines.  This means the material under it caused the cracks along the edge of the sheets.

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A roof a client asked me to look at.  They did a fine job of patching this themselves.

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A rolled roof, which has not been cool coated year.  Here is a seam that’s lifting.

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Another straight line crack through the silver coating.  As a side note the silver is more like oil based paint and not really a rubberized coating.  It holds up fairly well but cracks easier than cool coating because it goes on thinner and stretches less.  Its also typically over 150 degrees in the summer sun.

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Another straight line crack.  The seam kept moving and finally split the cool coating.

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