Emergency Roof Patching

Emergency Roof Patching


Water leaking through your flat roof and into your home?

$599 Emergency Patching

Sounds Expensive????!!!  Please be aware there is quite a bit more to our service than meets the eye. Included in the price is: 

Day or night If it’s raining or going to rain soon, we install an initial tar-based temporary patch.

When the weathers nicer (dry) we remove tar patching (or treat it with emulsifier) and apply a permanent elastomeric and polyester patch.

Four to six-weeks later we come back and do a checkup on the patch.  Since most of the materials we use shrink quite a bit as they cure, some patches will need a little more material put on them at this point.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance coverage for working in the rain on a ladder as well as general liability insurance is included with the price. Many of the roofers in town do not carry these coverages and we pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to financially protect you and our company.

The Crew Leader is paid for 8 hours of work If it’s a quick and easy patch, or it takes them four trips in the rain.  (We used to try to bill based on several factors and practically speaking it didn’t work for the way our company is set up).

A two-year warranty on labor and materials is included on the patchwork.  If it leaks within two years, then we come back at no charge and fix it.

Half of the price of the patch is also credited towards a full roof recoat if you schedule one within two months after the patch is done.

About a quarter of the people who call us believe our price is too high.  I completely understand their feelings, and for people in this situation an unlicensed handyman is the best option.  Its going to be cheaper but they likely don’t have workers compensation which means you could be responsible if they get hurt.  A handyman also doesn’t likely have the experience we do hunting down and fixing leaks.

Some HVAC (Air conditioning) companies will patch leaks for about half of what we charge.  We see an average of 10 HVAC patches a month that were done incorrectly or with temporary materials which dry and crack in the AZ sun.  We see so many of them there is even a section on our roof coating quote form to specifically address this.

As the Owner, I believe our prices are fair and we have lots of great reviews online to back this up. If you need us to do a patch for you please call.  If you can’t afford it I’ll be happy to talk you or a handyman through the process on the phone.

The Very Best Regards,

Robert Edward Anderson

Mechanical Engineer – Master’s Degree

Principal Owner AA Brite 24/7

Or call us at

(520) 406-5900

1011 S Eli drive. Tucson AZ. 85710
License ROC193501
Bonded and Insured.

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