Recommended Tucson Businesses & Services

I’ve worked with a large number of business professionals in Tucson over the years.  Some have been great and some have been…. well you know.  Companies and professionals I’m comfortable recommending are listed below.  I don’t charge finders fees when sending business to other companies and when companies send work my way they are not expecting a fee.  This is a courtesy.  It takes a fair bit of work to keep the list current and feedback is appreciated.


Jason Jones – Jones Electric.  Jason has pulled permits and wired two of my (really old) homes.  Reasonable price and great service.



Darius Vasquez –   DM Vasquez.  Darius saved me over $2,000 on insurance this year.  I was please with my previous agent but for comparable plans there was a huge difference in price.


Tile Installer

If you can get him Aaron is great.  One man operation and always busy.  Has completed two projects for me and both were great.


Financial Planning

Ben Goldberg


Flood, Fire and Remediation



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