Interior Decorators

Interior Decorators

If you want more professional advice there are a couple of options. Stephanie DeFer is a GREAT interior decorator and picked the colors for my home. She typically charges $150 for a color consult and her phone number is (520) 490-1760. She’s really busy and it will possibly take a few calls to get ahold of her. Its worth the effort.

Or you can call Maricella who is a professional full time decorator for one of the builders in town. Her number is (520) 990-1203. Maricella charges $150 for two hours of consult time. I met her when she called me for a bid for painting the interior of her home – which is gorgus by the way.

Please note I don’t get a commission or fee from either Stephanie or Maricella. I don’t have an incentive to even mention them other than to say when clients are happily jumping up and down at the end of the job, it’s good for my business.

Some Words For Husbands Who Don’t Want a Decorator

Mr. Husband, if you’ve read the crew leader page you saw that I was raised to “do it myself” and as you can imagine the thought of paying for an interior decorator to do something so abstract as to tell me what color of interior paint to use was brutal for me to even consider. A complete waste of money by my way of thinking. That was ten years ago. Here’s what I’ve learned since then that will make your life better, I promise. Spend the $100 or $150 for your own benefit and hire a decorator if your wife is not completely comfortable picking the color.

By having your wife and the decorator pick colors you are completely innocent. If the colors look great your wife is going to be happy, and a happy wife makes a happy husband – and you being happy is the goal isn’t it? If the colors don’t work then you are not the one responsible for picking them. Not responsible at all. You agreed to pay for the decorator and that was the best decision you could make to help her. I’ve talked with a large number of people over the years and I’ve NEVER seen this method fail with regards to the traditional marriage relationship, and I’ve never seen a color scheme picked this way that didn’t look great.

It might sound surprising but I’ve actually told a few husbands to shut up and step outside when I was talking about color selection with them and their wife as a couple. Once outside, before he could take a swing at me, I explain that the real goal for for him is to be happy. He will be happy when the wife is happy. For many guys trying to be a part of color selections is really about having some or all of the control, control with the color selection and control with the money. After looking at it through the above viewpoint you as a husband will have less control but be a WHOLE lot happier.

This isn’t just preaching, even though it still hurts me to pay for abstract things like color selection. But, I paid Stephanie to work with my wife to pick colors and I’m pleased to say not only does my house look great it feels like it was professionally decorated. This is surprisingly refreshing to a guy who does all of his own remodeling.

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